Admissions Policy

The following are the requirements and procedures for admission at Xtylo Beauty College:

  1. Applicants must attend an initial personal interview which determines the prospect of the individual’s success in his/her chosen program. Parents and significant others are encouraged to attend.
  2. All applicants must complete an application for admission. (Application for admissions)
  3. All applicants must visit the Xtylo Beauty College facilities before enrolling.
  4. Xtylo Beauty College requires you to have a high school diploma or equivalent (GED) to be admitted to the institution.
    • Applicants who do not have a high school diploma or equivalent (GED) may apply for enrollment under Arizona State Law ARS 32-511 who have completed and received two-year of high school education or its equivalent and or have completed 10th grade education and show evidence that the person is 16 years of age or older; however, they will not be eligible to receive financial aid funds.
    • Applicants who do not possess a high school diploma or its equivalent, but who are at least 18 years old, According to NACCAS Standard IV Criterion 1 and Policy IV .02 an Ability-To-Benefit student/applicant is beyond the age of compulsory education lacks a high diploma or its equivalent (GED), has the ability to benefit from the education training offered or training offered at an institution. To be admitted based on his or her ability to benefit, a student:
      1. For courses and (or programs of 600 hours or more, after enrollment, satisfactory complete 225 clock hours.) however, they will not be eligible to receive financial aid funds.
  5. All applicants must complete financial arrangements prior to enrollment.
  6. All applicants must complete the enrollment agreement (must be signed by a parent or guardian if the applicant is under 18 years of age).
  7. All applicants must pay the registration fee of $100.00 Dollars that is not refundable.
  8. Submit a valid photo ID, provide a Social Security number, if you do not have a Social Security number *ID card or driver's license with a photo issued by the government that is not expired.
  9. If you have evidence of verification of foreign high school diploma must be performed by an outside agency that is qualified to translate documents into English and confirm the academic equivalence to a U.S. high school diploma.
  10. The prospects for the instructor's training program must have:
    • High School Diploma or equivalent.
    • Current Cosmetology License issued by the State Board of the State of Arizona.
    • A minimum of 1 year of experience in the cosmetology industry.

Title IV Applicants

ONLY Phoenix Campus is approved for Title IV Funding

Eligible Candidates must fill out their Federal Aid Application (FAFSA); in order to be eligible FA Students or applicants must provide the following documentation:

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